How to help us


With him you will take the gospel to the world and he will pray for you!

To face the daily life of the seminarians, to pay the expenses of the house, to honor the monthly instalment of an agreed loan for the restructuring work of the building, etc., we propose the adoption of a seminarian. The Lord, who always surprises us with his generosity, will give you a hundred times as much.

With the whole sum or at least half of it, you will have a personalized adoption of a concrete seminarian who will pray for you, send you his photo, be in touch with, send you the stages of the path to the presbyterate, etc. To all those who contribute, even with a small monthly offer, we ensure our prayers and thoughts in the Eucharists celebrated every Thursday for all of our benefactors.

You can request for an automatic monthly transfer at your bank or you can follow the directions on the website.